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Our agency specializes in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) insurance. We know you have enough to manage every day for your business and dealing with insurance claims, coverage gaps and rising premiums should not have to drive you crazy.

We have become an industry-leading agency serving 1,000+ satisfied NEMT, limo, taxi, paratransit and passenger transportation companies for three simple reasons:

RISK – We understand your business and work diligently to develop the right coverage that is best for you.

RATE – We fight to keep premiums low so that you get the best possible price with the greatest value.

RESPONSE – We handle claims quickly and provide the highest level of service with integrity every single day.

Our NEMT team has experience providing non-emergency medical transportation business insurance for providers throughout the country. We represent several top-rated insurance companies and can provide the high limits and special insurance coverages your business needs.

We currently serve the states of California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

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